It's a no brainer

Puzzles and games that support local

With kits for kids, adults, and families, Local Adventure Club delivers a new way to keep brains fired up, while supporting local.

Each kit comes with brain teasers, word puzzles, secret codes, and more. Solve the puzzles right and be rewarded with a treat from a local East End Toronto business.

Great for birthday gifts, celebrations, or for no reason at all.


How the heck does this work?

Each kit comes with an introductory letter, a series of brain teasers, math puzzles, secret codes, and of course, the promise of a sweet, sweet prize. 

Some puzzles require a little legwork, some a little mental exercise, but all of them are fun, interesting, and appropriate for various ages. For more info, check out our FAQ page.

The last clue will reveal the way to unlock your prize at each local biz - when you visit, let the store know you're with Local Adventure Club, and enjoy your treat!

Mulligans with Baby 4.png

Local supporting local

Local Adventure Club began as a one-off activity put together for our wonderful neighbours, who have kept us supplied in baked goods and attention for our toddler throughout this whack year. Since words weren't enough (and our cookies aren't as good), we wanted to thank them with an activity to keep the kids busy and entertained through the holidays, and give the parents a break. 

And since we love having way too many projects on the go, Local Adventure Club was started; as a way to thank our neighbours, give back to the local businesses in our community, and hopefully earn more cookies.


Different puzzles every time

To the East End, with love

We're always changing up our puzzles, and experimenting with different riddles and codes to provide maximum enjoyment. Each Adventure Kit is different from the last - try them all and choose your favourite!

Questions on which kit you should choose? Email us at, and we'll help you out.